Nigeria@57 is not 57days but 57years of Independence. Nigeria got her independence 1st October 1960. A lot has happened in this past years; the highs and lows,the good, the bad and the ugly but we keep moving on. I know for sure God has a plan for Nigeria and no man can doubt that.

Those of you complaining that Nigeria is bad If you take a survey there are so many Nigerians out there doing exploits. So before you complain what’s your contribution in making Nigeria great? Have you asked yourself am I  affecting Nigeria positively or negatively?

Everyday on the news you will hear of corruption by our leaders who are suppose to pilot the affairs of this great country Nigeria. All they want to do is share the “national cake”.  The salaries of our political leaders are so outrageous; they earn so much and do so little. Mr political office holders where is your conscience?

Niger Delta Militants always bombing pipelines and destroying the aquatic world forgetting that all these are loses that will take time to build thereby taking the country backwards. If you really want to prove a point use dialogue and other forms to reach out to the government.

Boko Haram killings and Biafra issues are issues that will take the nation backwards if not properly handled.

In this period and season we should understand the times and know that we can make Nigeria great again if we work together.

Come let’s all put our hands together, bring our different ideas and implement them properly.
God has embedded in you wisdom to make our nation great.

My friend complaining about the leaders have you prayed for them? Have you done your own part by being a law abiding citizen?

Let’s embrace peace,love and lend a helping hand to the next person. We need each other to survive and succeed.

Wherever you find yourself do the right and don’t compromise that’s the first thing you owe this country.

God bless Nigeria.
Happy Independence Nigeria!!!
Great People! Great Nation!


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