#iPGN: 6 types of dinner that does not cause obesity

At night some of them do not dare eat, though hungry, however, why make it very difficult to sleep because they were hungry, so today we will tell you about all 9 food you can eat, it will not be able to make you obese. What?

Green vegetables

There are times when you feel hungry, it was not hungry, it’s just your body dehydrated brain but instead sent wrong by telling you that hungry, so you can grind green vegetables, drinking water, it can make the body you have enough waterJust can also make you feel full, and the other hand, it will be able to make you sleep.

In milk contains substances that can make the human brain is so calm before bed, you can drink a glass of warm milk every It not only can not make you fat, but also can help you to have a good sleep.

Pumpkin porridge
Pumpkin is a vegetable that can not make you fat because it contains fiber and after you eat, and it will make you feel satisfied not only that it can help the stomach and intestines emit pollutants when you sleep.

When you eat bananas at night, it can not make you gain weight, and in magnesium, which may help ease muscle You, you will be able to sleep easily, and on the other hand, it also contains substances that can help your intestines, so it will help you get all the toxins out.

French fries
If you’re hungry at night, you can eat potatoes fed stomach, it can make you not only satisfied, but also to be able to make you fall asleep faster.

You can get wheat and rice, washed and then poured into a big turning boiled small fire decoction after it’s up already cooked, you can eat.


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