#iPGN: Gay Soldiers Accused Of Gang Raping Recruits As Part Of Bullying Tactics

The Times Publication revealed that two gangs of seven servicemen have allegedly sexually violated two male colleagues in a deeply degrading manner.

According to data obtained, there were at least three reported rapes and 22 sexual assaults between men in the British armed forces over a two-year period to October.

The appalling accusations, which roused memories of the bullying and abuse scandal at army barracks in the 1990s, was reported to have taken place last February, and it involved a 20-year-old soldier being targeted by a gang of troops aged 21 to 33.

Major Ross McLeod said servicemen use penetration of fellow soldiers with an object such as a broom handle as a way of bullying – and claimed he was not surprised by the figures.

Speaking to The Times, he said: ‘Sexual assault and male rape are, unfortunately, pretty routine Army bullying tactics.’

The former officer believes the way in which the military investigates matters internally is to blame – as this breeds fear and mistrust among those wronged.

In turn, he says, the crimes continue to take place with the offenders rarely being brought to justice.

He added: ‘The military culture, which has been perpetuated and protected since time immemorial… is one in which these attacks are neither surprising or appalling, but rather entirely predictable.’

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