#iPGN: Governor Amaechi, Wike clash over monorail project

THE disagreement between the Minister of State for the Education, Chief Nyesom Wike, and the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, took a fresh turn on Sunday when he (Wike) declared that Amaechi’s government had failed.

Wike, who made this declaration on Sunday at his residence in Port Harcourt while receiving elders, women and youths from Rumueme Kingdom, Obio/Akpor Local Government, described the governor’s monorail project as a death trap.

Reacting on Amaechi’s behalf, the governor’s Chief of Staff, Chief Tony Okocha, said it was unfortunate that Wike could describe the monorail that would begin to function in December as a death trap.

Okocha, who described Wike as a drowning man, expressed the need for the minister to get himself out of the ‘show of shame’ in Abuja, adding that Wike should apologise to President Jonathan for fighting in public as a minister.

“We have the clips of what transpired in Abuja and we thought Wike would take time to explain how he physically assaulted people in public. On the monorail, he (Wike) should know that the project is now a cynosure of all eyes.

“The state is insisting that by December, they will see the train move on the monorail. When a man is drowning, he clings on anything he sees. Wike is sinking.

However, Wike pointed out that the Old GRA in Port Harcourt was no longer what it used to be, adding that some of the roads in the state capital were in a deplorable condition.

The minister urged his visitors to ensure that they get their permanent voter card and vote out the All Progressives Congress-led government in the state.

He accused Amaechi of abusing elders and disrespecting traditional institutions in the state, maintaining that the state governor would not be able to develop Rumueme in Obio/Akpor before the expiration of his tenure in May 2015.

He said, “There is one death trap they call monorail. Yes, we know that one day, we must die, but with the monorail I am seeing there, I will not take such a risk. The monorail is a death trap.

“Tell them to tell their children to go there (monorail) first. Look at the Old GRA; if you are driving in the night, you will see that it does not look like the Old GRA. The roads are bad and it shows that this government has failed.

“Your voter card is the only power you have to ensure that you vote the APC out and tell the APC to pack and go. The APC is a drug that has been banned for many years.

“You must be armed with your voter card because without it, you don’t have the competence to talk about who will be the governor and who will be the President.”

Wike urged the people of the state not to listen to those who said that President Goodluck Jonathan hated them, adding that the people of the state would work together as a “united and one Rivers State.”

On the minister claim that the Amaechi government was a failure, Okocha said, “The truth is that you can take anything away from Amaechi, you cannot take away the fact that he (Amaechi) has written his name on the sand of time.”

He also disagreed with Wike that most roads in the state were bad, maintaining that contractors were working on the roads.

“You know that Rivers State has salty water and this affects the roads. MCC is at work to ensure that the potholes are closed,” he said

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