#iPGN: South Africa Seizes $5.7n Arms Funds From Nigeria Again

About $5.7n (R64m) has been seized by the asset forfeiture unit of the national prosecuting authority for yet another arms deal between south Africa and Nigeria.

This is the second multimillion -rand arms deal between the two countries in the past month that has resulted in the money been frozen in S.A banks. The first happened last month at Lanseria airport north of Joburg where R103m in $100 bills stashed in suitcases was seized and the money frozen in both cases for allegedly been the proceeds for illegal transactions.

According to city press city paper, rapport, the department for offenses against the state in the special investigation unit is also involved. Sources close to the investigation said the latest transaction was between Cerberus risk solution, an arms broker in cape town and societe D’equipment internationaux, a Nigerian company in Abuja which paid the R60m into Cerberus account at standard bank.

Cerberus was previously registered as a broker with the national conventional arms control committee but the registration expired in May this year along with the marketing and contracting permits. The company has since applied for re – registration but hasn’t been granted. Cerberus tried to pay the money back to the Nigerian company which made the bank suspicious.

The NPA’s asset forfeiture unit subsequently obtained a court order in the south Gauteng high court to seize the money, and though the spokesperson for NPA, Nathi Mncube said there were no indications that the two transactions were related, both were now subject of a criminal investigation and all possible information and connections were being investigated.

Cerberus attorney, Martin hood, declined to comment on the matter.

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