#iPGN: 10 Signs that You’ve been Studying Too Hard

It is that time of year when students can actually be found studying, here are some signs that you’re studying too hard.

  1. Talking to your laptop with more familiarity than you do your friends
  2. You don’t leave your room for so long that mould grows in empty mugs

  3. Personal hygiene takes a back seat, and body odour comes into play

  4. You can’t spell anymore

  5. You can’t differentiate between a scholar and a comedian because nothing is funny anymore

  6. You need time to adjust to the sunlight when you go outside

  7. Your hair has turned itself into dreadlocks

  8. Personal breakdowns happen at scheduled intervals

  9. You’re not up to date with Game of Thrones

  10. You’ve barely spent any money this week

Posted From iProdigy Group Nigeria(Dabibi Ori-ibim’s Blog).

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One thought on “#iPGN: 10 Signs that You’ve been Studying Too Hard

  1. cases like this require the attention of a Psychiatrist……………..I cant imagine studying so hard that personal hygiene will now take back seat


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