#iPGN: FIFA plans TV referral system

FIFA President Sepp Blatter wants to introduce a new system that will allow managers to challenge refereeing decisions, Goal reports.

While sports like cricket and tennis have already embraced referral processes, football has typically steered clear of bringing technology into the game.

However, goalline technology has been successfully integrated into the Premier League and the recent World Cup, with Blatter now mooting a new system that could see managers allowed at least one challenge during each half.

With other advances such as vanishing foam also being adopted globally after World Cup exposure, television replays look to be the next major breakthrough, providing certain criteria can be met.

Speaking via video at the 2014 Soccerex convention in Manchester, England, Blatter said, “The next step I will propose to the international board is to try to bring this so-called ‘call’ that the coaches or team managers have the right in a half, twice or once, to challenge a refereeing decision but only when the game is stopped.

“Then there must be a television monitor [provided] by the television company, then the referee and coach look at it and the referee may then change his mind as is the case in tennis for instance.

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