#iPGN: EBOLA SCARE: Governor Amaechi warns against stigmatisation

Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi has warned against the stigmatisation of people suspected to be infected with the Ebola virus.

Amaechi, who spoke on Thursday during a meeting with traditional rulers, church leaders and representatives of the Muslim community in the state, gave an expository on the Ebola virus.

He said Ebola was not a death sentence if properly managed, adding that those who have the disease and hide it were living in self-denial.

Amaechi appealed to religious and traditional leaders to collaborate and work with his administration to contain the outbreak of Ebola virus in the state.

He said, “Ebola is not a death sentence if properly managed. If you think you are Ebola positive and you know and you run away, you are living in self-denial, so we want our pastors, our Imams and our traditional Rulers to pass on this message.

“First, don’t heal them for us, don’t touch them for us, just call us, we will come there and in six hours after examination of the person, we will get the result and treat the person accordingly.

“We are doing that to curtail the spread of Ebola in our communities so that we can be free to do our normal businesses. But for now, don’t live in fear, don’t panic. If you suspect a case, please call the Ebola line.

“We are discouraging people who have Ebola from going to church. You know why? Church is a place that you have a large crowd of people. If you touch one person or two persons, you are contaminating the environment and the people, and they may get infected.

“If you suspect, don’t stigmatise them, call the Ebola line, we will come there, they will examine them. We have the machine to test them and within six hours we can get the result whether a person is Ebola positive or negative.

“You don’t need to run away when you have Ebola. When you run away, you will infect your family members. That means they can also possibly die, but if you report to government, government will take you in, we will feed you and feed you well, hydrate you and doctors will treat the symptoms if they come.”

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