#iPGN: Sad News: Our Children Are Raping Us, Imo Christian Women Lament

Christian women from Mgbishii, a calm rural community in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area in Imo State, are out protesting bitterly to the Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, His Grace, Dr. Anthony Obinna, over alleged bestiality being committed by their sons and daughters in the area.

They told Vanguard that they are being raped and molested by their own children during a recent visit to the Catholic Archbishop at the Maria Assumpta Catholic Cathedral in Owerri.

They said: “We are raped and molested by our own children. You cannot come to Mgbuishii and return home safely because of the crime rate.”

They further said that they had complained to both the state government and other law enforcement agency but their pleas have fallen to deaf ears.

Lamenting profusely, they said: “We are angry because government is not looking at our direction at all. We have been completely abandoned for years. Now, we have no good roads, no electricity, no market and nothing is going on in our place. To make things worse, we are now suffering from insecurity.”

Continuing, the aggrieved women also revealed that their sons take over the roads leading to their community on each of their market days and rob people, adding that this explained why people had stopped coming to buy farm produce from their market.

Speaking to the women, Obinna sympathized their plight and pleaded with them not to take the law into their hands. Stressing the need for proper upbringing of children by parents in the fear of the Lord, the cleric, however, recalled some bizarre things that are now happening in the society. He prayed and blessed the women for being courageous enough to bring the disreputable happenings to the glare of publicity.

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