#iPGN: EBOLA SCARE: NYSC Members Plan To Boycott Camp

Members of the Youths Corps serving in Ikeja Local Government Area of Lagos State, have threatened to boycott the national service if there is an outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), among them.

According to Daily Sun, the youth corps members, expressed fear over the havoc the disease could cause among the fresh graduates, especially at the orientation camp and parade ground, they also vowed not to compromise their lives to EVD after many years of suffering to become graduates.

A female corps member, name withheld, said: “The moment I discover there is such a disease, I will leave because nobody would like to contract such disease. I don’t want to die. You know prevention is better than cure.”

Speaking in the same vein, a male corps member, Mr. Arinze Ikegbunam, said the development was disturbing and complained on the need for some precautionary steps.

“Ebola is something you can­not run away from. All you could is to al­ways take precautionary mea­sures, because you cannot tell whether the next person standing or sitting beside you has been infected. “The best you can do, is to take precaution and pray that God should not let you contract it; that is all. Govern­ment is trying but more efforts should be made to keep sensitizing the public, so that they can bring a lot of vaccines that can cure this deadly disease,” he said.

Miss Oyintade Fagbaro, however, pointed out that the authorities of the NYSC had put a lot of measures in place to ensure that there was no outbreak of EVD among the youth corps members.

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