#iPGN: Dead Bodies Litter The Street Of Bama As Boko Haram Confirm Victory

Breaking news reaching us now from DailyPost shows that the streets of Bama in Maiduguri have been taken over by littered corpses two days after the militants claimed authority over the second largest Borno town.

The statement says Boko Haram fighters are currently perambulating the streets of Bama, resisting residents from burying littered corpses. Confirming the report however, Ahmed Zanna , Senator from Borno state said that no one is allowed to torch littered corpses.

Borno State government had earlier on Wednesday denied that the town had fallen to the insurgents.
Mr. Zanna, who continues to refute the state government’s claim said that the humanitarian situation in Bama was unbearable and that the rate of killings in the town was very high.

“So many bodies litter the streets, and people are not allowed to even go and bury the dead ones. So the situation is getting worse and worse,”

Mr Zanna told the BBC’s Newsday programme after speaking to a resident who fled the town.

He further noted that it will be disastrous if Boko Haram launches any form of attack on Maiduguri, which has a population of more than two million.

“I’m begging the government to send more troops and armoury to Maiduguri,” he said.

“Boko Haram do come overwhelmingly because they recruit en masse in Borno villages,” he added.

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