#iPGN: Elderly Woman Tests Positive To Ebola in Port Harcourt

Nigeria’s Commissioner for Health Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu has yesterday September 1st, confirmed that an elderly woman who was admitted in the same hospital room with the Late Dr Enemuo who treated ECOWAS diplomat,Olu-Ibukun Koye ,has tested positive to Ebola. She is one of the three persons quarantined in Oduoha, Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State.She contracted the virus at the Good Heart Hospital, where the late Doctor died last week.

The two others who have also been quarantined are a doctor and a pharmacist who are members of staff of Sam Steel Clinic, founded by late Enemou,tested negative.

The Commissioner of health also revealed, that the sister of Late Dr Enemou who fled to Abia state has been found and quarantined. In his own words;

“She had earlier run to Abia State apparently because of fear of being stigmatised. We were able to trace her with the help of my counterpart in Abia State. She developed feverish symptoms and she had been admitted at the isolation unit  for observation and treatment. She is among the 50 high risk contacts on our list.

We decided to take her to the isolation unit to make assurance surer.We are currently running a test on her and the result will be out by Tuesday(today) or thereabout. We chose to isolate her because we don’t want to go through the same experience we had with   Olu-Ibukun.”

I told you yesterday(Sunday) that we had three patients, and out of the three, the result came out; two of them were negative while one was positive. The two negative ones have left the centre.We discharged them but we will repeat the tests because they are still within the 21 days circle of the virus. We pray that they remain negative.The one who is positive is an elderly woman that was in the same hospital with the late Dr. Enemuo. In fact, they were in the same room. She is there ( the quarantine centre) now.”

“We have decided that within this week, Dr. Enemuo and other high risk corpses in the UPTH mortuary would be buried, according to the World Health Organisation protocols.

“That means that the corpses will not leave Port Harcourt . They will be buried under the supervision of the EOC, Ministry of Health officials, and officials of WHO so that we don’t expose the relatives to danger.We will take care of all the safety protocols ourselves. The families will be there but we will not allow them touch the corpses.

“The families can hold their parties if they choose to, but they will not be allowed to come close to the bodies. We will take maximum precaution to combat the spread of the virus.”

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