#iPGN: Three patients now in Ebola treatment centre – Rivers

Rivers State Government has said three Ebola patients have been moved to the state’s quarantine centre at Oduoha in Emohua Local Government Area of the state.

The state’s Commissioner for Health, Dr. Samson Parker, made this known at a news conference in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

Parker said those taken to the treatment centre were a pharmacist at Sam Steel Hospital, doctor working with late Dr. Iyke Sam Enemuo and a nurse at Good Heart Hospital, where Enemuo allegedly died.

Sam Steel Hospital is owned by late Enemuo while he died at Good Heart Hospital.

However, he said the patients had not been confirmed, stressing that the government was awaiting the result of their tests by Sunday.

As for the wife of deceased doctor, the commissioner said Mrs. Enemuo, who tested positive for the virus was still stable in Lagos.

The commissioner said, “I have been telling you before now that almost 200 persons have been line-traced. Out of this number, we are still to be in touch with about 60 of them.

“But 50 high risk contacts have been identified. Because of stigma and the rest of them, these persons are not coming up, we are still on them.

“We have three patients at the treatment centre now. The pharmacist at Sam Steel Hospital, the doctor that was working with him and also a lady at Good Heart Hospital while Dr. Enemuo was there.”

It is not clear when the three patients were taken to the quarantine centre.

When our correspondent visited the centre on Saturday, he noticed that the centre was not ready.

He observed that reconstruction was going on at former Emohua Primary Health Centre which had been renamed as Ebola quarantine centre.
As of 11am on Saturday when our correspondent was leaving the quarantine centre, no single patient had been brought to the centre.

But the commissioner insisted the patients were taken to the centre after our correspondent had left.
Parker said, “I am briefing you now. Operations are by the minute. They are three now. They won’t let you in now. That place is restricted. Probably when you went there, there were none, but I am telling you now that I was there when they were brought in.”

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