#iPGN: NFF fire outbreak saddens Gabros boss

The recent fire outbreak at the office of the Nigeria Football Federation, Abuja, has thrown a former vice chairman of the football body, Gabriel Chukwuma, off balance, his aide, Olisa Onuchukwu, has said.

Speaking at a media parley in Lagos during the week, Onuchukwu, a retired footballer and agent said things wouldn’t have degenerated if the various stakeholders had listened to Chukwuma 10 years ago.

He said Chukwuma, who is the proprietor of Gabros International FC, foresaw the crisis 10 years ago and resigned from the NFF. He stressed that as someone with deep knowledge of the cause of the crisis, he has offered to proffer solutions to the constant problems of the football body, if consulted by the people at the helm of affairs of sports in the country.

“Chukwuma is one of the real stakeholders of Nigerian football. Therefore, I’m calling on the Minister of Sports to take a bold step now and save the game from total annihilation by sending a delegation of other stakeholders to consult with him to proffer a lasting solution to the endless crisis,” Onuchukwu said.


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