#iPGN: Common Myths You Should Stop Believing About Your Electronic Gadgets

It seems like ages ago since the Nokia 3310 was the phone of choice for Nigerians. Yet between that phone and the iPhone 5s, we still know so little about how these technologies work. Should you charge your phone overnight? Are car chargers safe? Will an iPhone charger damage an iPad if used to charge it?

With so many differing opinions it’s hard to know how to take care of our gadgets. Here are a few tech myths you need to stop believing if you don’t want to fall victim to misinformation.

    iMacs and Macbooks don’t get viruses

This one has been around for a while. In fact it was a core marketing message for Apple right until 2012. In 2012 reports of thousands of Macs being infected by a Trojan virus swarmed the internet. These reports were later confirmed and Apple has since removed the claim of the Mac’s resistance to viruses from their website.

    Leaving Your Phone Charging Overnight Can Destroy The Battery

This may apply to you if you are still using the Nokia 3310 we mentioned above. Batteries these days are made of lithium-ion and are smart enough to stop receiving electricity once they are full, even when plugged in. This also applies to most laptops. This must be good news especially as most of us need our phones to stay plugged in as much as possible.

    You Shouldn’t Use Your iPad Charger For Your iPhone

There are two sides to this one. According to Apple the iPad charger can charge both the iPad and iPhone. However, some would argue that doing this regularly could stress the iPhone’s battery over time if done regularly. That said, it would still take about a year to notice any negative effects on the iPhone’s battery life.

    You shouldn’t shutdown your laptop everyday

The truth is that turning off your computer every night is better for it in the long run. Sleep mode places some stress on the computer’s components and tends to use up a bit of power. You should shut down your laptop when you won’t be using any time within the next 8 hours. That way you’ll get the most mileage out of it.

There you have it. These are some of the more common myths about tech gadgets we could find. Are there any we missed? Why not tell us in the comments.

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