#iPGN: Mistakes that will get your job application rejected

When hiring managers post jobs, many times they get many more applications than they care to go through. They want to find that needle in the haystack that is the perfect person for the job, but it can be incredibly tedious to go through a pile of applications.

Hiring managers seek to weed out people who are unlikely to be successful in the job. They also want to get the hiring process over as soon as possible, especially if the position has been vacant for a while.

Don’t make your application one of the first to be discarded. Avoiding these common job application mistakes will help keep your application out of the garbage before the hiring manager gets serious about compiling a list of finalists.

Ignoring instructions on the job posting or application form

Like in grade school, the instructions for any assignment are incredibly important. Most people have had the experience of a teacher handing out a quiz with directions at the top saying write your name and answer none of the questions. This trick is designed to teach students the importance of reading directions before beginning a task.

Some adults still haven’t learned that lesson. Follow instructions in the job posting and on the application form. Failing to do so will get your application thrown away because it shows the hiring manager that you lack attention to details.

Leaving fields blank on the application

Human resources professionals and attorneys spend hours creating and revising application forms. Leaving fields blank leaves the hiring manager with less information about you than he or she has about other candidates.

Much like neglecting the application form’s directions, leaving fields blank shows a lack of attention to details. Tossing incomplete applications is an easy way for a hiring manager to cut down the number of applications that must be considered.

Turning in the application late

There is no legitimate excuse for turning in an application late. Even if you discover the job posting two hours before it closes, you must get the application turned in on time. Hiring managers have very little information for basing their decisions. If your application is late, that doesn’t bode well.

If a hiring manager already has a sizable applicant pool by the closing date, he/she may discard all applications turned in past the deadline. Hiring managers cannot toss one late application simply for lateness without doing the same to all late applications. As long as they do this with all late applications, they are justified.

Spelling and grammatical errors

Spelling and grammatical errors look unprofessional on job applications. If you know you’re a bad speller or self-editor, get someone to proofread your application or at the very least run it through the spellcheck feature of a word processing program. One or two errors probably won’t get your application tossed in the garbage, but several of them will.

Make sure you know the commonly misspelled words on government job applications. A job application is too important a document not to make sure it is error-free.

Not explaining gaps in employment

Gaps in employment are not always a bad thing, but they do raise a red flag for hiring managers. If left unexplained, hiring managers will assume the worst.

When you have a gap in employment, be sure to explain what happened. Don’t let a hiring manager assume you were fired for a cause when you really left to take care of a sick parent or newborn child.

If you left on bad terms, say so. It is better that a potential employer finds out this information from you upfront than later in a reference check with a previous supervisor. You may have only a small box on the application to enter your explanation, so be careful how you write your reason. If the space is available and it is appropriate for the situation, explain what you learned from that experience.

Not including all required attachments

When a job posting requires more than a completed application form, the organisation is telling you that it will use these additional materials to make the hiring decision. If you omit these materials, the hiring manager is missing information to compare you with other applicants. Therefore, the hiring manager will throw out applications that do not include all the required attachments.

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