#iPGN: ‘Dependence on oil may split Nigeria’

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum Resources ( Downstream), Senator Magnus Abe, on Tuesday expressed the fears that the over reliance on oil by the Nigerian government and the current fight over resource control could split the nation if not handled with care.

Abe, representing the Rivers South-East Senatorial District at the upper chamber, who stated this in an interview with journalists, therefore, advised that instead of fighting over the percentage from oil resources, the nation’s leaders should harness other untapped natural resources across the country.

He said, “What is getting the most attention is oil. If you sit with people who think and analyse what we are doing in this country, what we are wasting in this country, what we can convert what we are not touching in this country into, what we can get our human begins to do, you will be amazed.

“If we are not careful, this country can blow up and split into different parts, all over the issue of oil and at the end of the day even those who think they will gain from that will lose.”

He, however, expressed the hope that Nigeria would do better as a united, progressive and democratic country, where everybody’s right would be respected, and where people would be treated fairly and justly.

Abe also suggested that each region of the country should be rewarded according to its contributions to the Federation Account.

He said, “If you contribute something you will be rewarded for your contribution and others are encouraged to contribute than bicker and fight and end up destroying ourselves.

“If you talk to me two months ago, I use to tell people that Nigerians want to live together, but as am sitting down now, I cannot say that with the same conviction I said it two months ago.

“My position on resource control is very straight forward, I think the issue challenging this country is beyond the issue of resource control or rather issue of resource generation to run this country.

“What we are currently having in Nigeria is sharing economy where everybody depends on whatever comes from oil.

“There are countries in this world that produce absolute nothing and they are still making money by managing the quality of humanbeings in their countries but in this country the quality of our human beings has been deteriorating daily.”

The senator lamented the quality of education in the country and declared that the standard had fallen.

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