#iPGN: Rivers community warns against planned army occupation

The people of Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State have warned against a planned occupation of the area by soldiers.

President of Ama Seroidoki Awo of Okrika, Mr. Tamunosiki Solika, said they learnt that the move to send soldiers to Okrika was based on speculations that members of the Boko Haram sect had threatened to invade the area.

Solika, who spoke with newsmen in Okrika on Sunday during a rally against the planned military invasion, described Okrika as a peaceful area and was not under any threat of Boko Haram attack.

He also described the move to bring in soldiers to the area as political and added that the Federal Government had no reason to send troops to Okrika.

“We heard that they (government) want to send soldiers to Okrika and we leanrt that the soldiers will go back after the 2015 election.

“They said Boko Haram is planning to invade Okrika and based on that, they are sending in the military. We don’t want soldiers to occupy Okrika because we are sure that Boko Haram will not invade Okrika.

“It is a big lie to say that Boko Haram plans to invade Okrika. Okrika is not the only community in Rivers State. Why would they contemplate bringing soldiers to a peaceful place like Okrika?

“The presence of soldiers will only make our people feel intimidated. We beg them in the name of God not to send soldiers to Okrika,” Solika stated.

Also, the spokesman Ama Seroidoki Awo of Okrika, Mr. Jackson Adoki, said soldiers were needed more in the North than Okrika, adding that there would be no hiding place for Boko Haram in Okrika.

“Boko Haram cannot pass through Benue, Enugu, Imo to Okrika without being noticed. We don’t have bushes in Okrika. So, there will be no hiding place for them here.

“Again, we want to appeal to the Federal Government not to send in soldiers. We can take care of ourselves in the area of security. If actually Boko Haram will come, we are not afraid. We are fearless people,” Adoki told newsmen.

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