#iPGN: Top 7 Qualities That Make A Great Leader

Are leaders born or made? This question is still being discussed. There is a person for whom the leadership is something that’s in the blood. Sometimes, even without the proper training they have an ability to lead their team to the new heights. But if it’s not about you, it doesn’t mean that the leadership cannot be learned. In fact, the most successful leaders possess the definite skills, which become the background of their success. And still these skills can be learned, there’s an opportunity for you to become an effective leader my mastering the following skills:
1. Get used to be in charge.

For some of us, the perspective of taking extra responsibility sounds stressing. But it’s the only way to the real leadership. Start with taking on the responsibility for your own life, and solve yourself what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Because, how are you going to lead another people if you don’t know your own road?

  1. Work your initiative.

A good leader will never be in shadow, so learn to draw more and more attention to your ideas, solutions and personality. Speak up on the public meetings. Don’t be silent when you’ve got something to say. By doing this, you’ll form an opinion about yourself as about a good professional who really cares of the company’s problems. And this is a background to become a leader.

  1. Improve your communication skills.

Learn not only to talk, but to listen as well. One of your task as a leader is to build a strong team, and this requires the ability to understand your people’ problems and arrange the conflicts.

  1. Learn your strength and pick an appropriate leadership style.

For instance, if you’re a warm and friendly person, choosing an autocratic style will look odd and even funny. Be yourself and improve the qualities that are natural for you to make them work for you rather than picking something that isn’t yours.
5. Stress-resistance.

Being a leader means dealing with different problems and solving them. And here you are in charge not only for yourself, but for the whole team as well. Learn how to cope with stress and prevent it.

  1. Discipline and organization.

Leader can’t afford to have a messed, non-planned day. He’s got a lot of things to do, so if the day is not planned, it’s likely to turn into the complete mess. So, it’s a good idea to learn the time-management tactics, as the person who cannot organize the work of the team, cannot be a good leader.

  1. Ability to inspire.

A successful leader is not only about giving the tasks and controlling if they were completed in time. His task is also to inspire people and make them love what they do. A good leader is someone with whom the people are happy to deal with. So, become this kind of person and your department’s productivity will reach the new heights!

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