#iPGN: Etisalat unveils Cliqlite to boost e-Learning

Etisalat Nigeria has launched a unique and child-friendly educational product called Cliqlite.

Etisalat’s Cliqlite is a first of its kind package in Nigeria under the Easycliq product family, specially designed for children between the ages of 8 to 15 years; it provides unique features and an intuitive interface for e-learning, an official of the company said.

Speaking at the launch held in Lagos, Chief Commercial Officer and Acting CEO of Etisalat Nigeria, Mr. Matthew Willsher stated that “Etisalat is driven by a sustained commitment to enriching customer experience. Innovation remains part of our DNA and we believe technology has the potential to revolutionise learning. Children have an insatiable appetite for technology and innovation, worldwide a significant number of online users are under the age of 18, it is therefore our responsibility as parents to make sure our future generation is equipped with the right tools to successfully harness and hone their burgeoning potential. It is on this ethos that we present our younger customers with Cliqlite, our new educational tool which will no doubt pave new ways of learning”.

Also speaking at the launch, Director, Consumer Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Oluwole Rawa noted that Etisalat’s Cliqlite was especially designed with parents and children in mind, one of the innovations that came out of this customer centric approach are the important security features which assure parents that their children are safe and only interact with appropriate content while browsing the internet.

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