#iPGN: #BRAZIL2014:Uruguay Doctor Abandoned His Cancer Treatment to Get Suarez to Brazil 2014


Most sports men (and women) have often been described as ungrateful elements due to the fact that they most times fail to give credits to those who aided their climb to the top of their careers.
But Liverpool forward, Luis Suarez, last Thursday showed an unusual affection to the medical doctor who helped him to return to action after suffering a knee injury that would have stopped his trip to Brazil with Uruguay.

The doctor, Walter Ferreira, left Uruguay for Brazil to be with Suarez in the post operation rehabilitation. And in no short a time, the player who has become a legend in his native country, recovered well to be part of Uruguay’s team.
Last Thursday, after firing two goals pass Joe Hart in England goal to book Uruguay’s passage to the second round of Brazil 2014 with the 2-1 victory, Suarez raced to the sideline to hug the doctor and in the full glare of television cameras, pointed at Ferreira as the man who made the feat possible.

But the most astonishing part of the drama, according to Uruguayan journalists also covering the tournament was that the doctor put his own treatment for cancer on hold to come to Brazil to help Suarez.
Suarez after the match explained to sports journalists here that he did so in order to give the doctor full credit for the victory.
“The goals were for him (Ferreira) because of what he did for me.

“I have to thank him. I scored the goals, but he is the man responsible for them,” Suarez explained.
Interestingly, Ferreira himself was the picture of modesty when asked about his contribution to Suarez’s World Cup effort.
“He deserves it, he worked hard to be here today,” he said, adding that Suarez would travel to Ferreira’s home when he felt too ill to make it to the resort in Brazil that Uruguay used as their training complex.

“I couldn’t go to the resort so he would come to my house. He gave it all, his wife, his family, I’m truly grateful,” said the doctor.
Ferreira is also being hailed as a national hero in Uruguay now, second only to the striker himself, and it sounds as if he’s found it all rather overwhelming.
“I have no words. Life has some ups and downs but you have to keep fighting,” he added.
“I’m very grateful. I’m going to keep fighting.”

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