#iPGN: Nigeria VS Iran Match: Man attacks fan with machete

Football fans at the Ilasan area of Lagos State scampered for safety after a man armed with machete attacked another for making fun of the Super Eagles, after the Monday match draw between Nigeria and Iran.
The incident was said to have occurred at a viewing centre.
Many people in the area where the incident happened believed that the man wielding the machete wanted to cut off the head of his victim, but only succeeded in inflicting injury on him.
One of the men, identified as Sunday Usman, suspected to be drunk, armed with a machete, had started chased other fans for allegedly making fun of Super Eagles.
Usman who hails from Edo State was said to have been viewing the match with others in a bar when a man, Koffi whom he believed wanted Iran to win praised Iran players for dribbling and foiling all attempts by the Nigerian team to score.
Eye witnesses claimed that Usman who had steadily being drinking alcohol as the match progresses, had loudly warned Koffi, Ghanaian to stop praise Iran players to his hearing and to stop abusing Super Eagles. But Koffi turned a deaf ear.
One of the fans at the viewing centre, who identified himself simply as Chukwuka said: “I was also very angry at the way Koffi was mocking our players, but I never expected Usman to attack Koffi in such a manner. “We all knew Usman was drunk because he had been drinking Alomo bitters. Koffi thought Usman was joking. Suddenly Usman, only to return with a machete. We were all shocked!”
People scampered for safety and abandoned the match they were watching.
He said before anybody could say ‘Jack Robinson’ Usman had inflicted machete cut injury on Koffi’s head. According to him, people around disarmed him and a man gave him a resounding slap and he fell.
The victim was rushed to a private hospital for medical attention.

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