#iPGN: Rivers knocks NJC over appointment of CJ

The Rivers State government has decried what it called, National Judicial Council’s (NJC) continued unconstitution­al involvement in the state judiciary.

The body of jurists had directed that the most senior judge in the state high court should perform functions of the state chief judge.

Reacting to the direc­tive, the state Attorney General of Commis­sioner for Justice, Worgu Boms, described the deci­sion of NJC as unfortu­nate and unconstitutional.

“The statement did not name who that most senior judge is, as if the public to whom the notice is pub­lished, is not entitled to know who, actually, the NJC is deciding or directing to perform such an impor­tant public duty,” he said.

He said there was noth­ing personal in Rivers State Government’s divergence of views and methodology with the NJC’s, filling of the vacancy of the office of the Chief Judge of Rivers State.

“However, the Rivers State Government, as a re­sponsible federating unit of Nigeria, expected the NJC to deal with, and handle the issue with even, a higher degree of responsibility, candour,  professionalism and detachment befitting such a body of distin­guished judges, and senior lawyers,  and chaired by no less a person than the Chief Justice of Nigeria. Sadly, the reverse is the case.”

According to him, the di­rective by NJC fell short of the lofty expectations, es­pecially as its decision and position were, “ clearly un­constitutional and evidently lawless and consequently, legally indefensible.’’

He further held that the press release concerning the appointment of Chief judge in Rivers State, is­sued by NJC was also mis­leading, as it was written in such a manner that suggest­ed that that nothing was be­ing hidden from the public.

He further said: “Indeed, so much was buried in that press release, which was non-informative and vacu­ous and thus, misleading to the public as the NJC gave the unedifying im­pression to the Nigerian public that it had power to do what it did and that it is genuinely concerned with the state of affairs in the Rivers State Judiciary.

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