#iPGN: Relevance of LinkedIn to job seekers, hirers

If you ask a group of 10 what social media platforms they are familiar with, more likely, seven out of them would mention Facebook, Nairaland and perhaps, Twitter. Only on few occasions would you hear someone mention LinkedIn; yet it is one of the most versatile meeting places for business professionals, job seekers and hirers to connect online.

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn offers more unique features than other platforms focusing more on the social than the professional parts of our lives. Its features are easy to use, designed to recommend to you connections based on shared interests, and it provides opportunities for companies to showcase themselves to the public.

Still unconvinced why you should be on LinkedIn? Here are five reasons why you should consider it:

Dream job

There are many job sites that advertise vacancies online, but LinkedIn takes these steps further. On LinkedIn, you can build a professional profile similar to your curriculum vitae to attract hirers who are constantly scouting the platform for talents to recruit. I have friends who have landed jobs via the platform. LinkedIn also recommends job vacancies that are closely related to your past experience and provides you the opportunity of applying for jobs with your profile without leaving your page.

Another point to note is that you can contact the recruiters or human resource persons directly through messages for further inquiry of the position.

 Best hands

Searching for the best candidate for a job opening can be difficult and expensive. Hirers are usually burdened with the task of profiling details of the ideal candidate for an open position, sharing it on many online sites and offline avenues, scouting through hundreds of applications and sitting through numerous interviews.

With LinkedIn, however, the entire process is seamless. With just a click of a button you can share a vacancy with hundreds of potentials and sit back while prospects apply for the position. You can also use the ‘Search’ button to discover prospects that may be the right fit for the position you are hiring for. The ‘Search’ button recommends prospects based on the information found on their profile.

Finally, you don’t need to ask for a resume before you find out more about a prospect. LinkedIn members have profiles which details their professional and academic qualifications as well as their experience and other interests. Just by reading through a profile, you can determine if the candidate is one to follow up on or not.

 Personal development

Thousands of articles ranging from business to motivational are shared on LinkedIn daily, making it one of the most useful platforms for self development. More importantly, several notable industry leaders are active on LinkedIn and you can follow their profile pages to tap into their wealth of knowledge.

Establish yourself as an authority/ leader in your field

Want to be seen as an authority in your area of interest? Get on LinkedIn and start sharing your knowledge with the world. LinkedIn recently rolled out a feature that enables anyone to write an article directly on their profile page and share with their contacts instead of pasting your article from your blog.

LinkedIn groups also provide a platform for like-minded professionals to share information, converse and discuss important updates. LinkedIn Groups are one of the platform’s best features to discover more about others. To benefit from this feature, ensure you join a group that shares your interest. Usually, LinkedIn would recommend groups and pages to you, but you can use the ‘Search’ button to discover an entire world of possibilities.

Promote your business

Having discussed certain benefits of the LinkedIn Group above, I should also point out that the LinkedIn group is also a platform to promote your business and seek new business partners. Beware though of who you share your contact with. As in the case of anything online, ensure you never share security details with others.

LinkedIn also allows businesses to advertise their products and services with people who are more likely to purchase. Although expensive compared to Facebook and Twitter ads, LinkedIn usually provides the best results – especially when marketing to business professionals and a more ‘serious’ group of people.

You can also open a business page on LinkedIn to showcase your company’s products and services. Like an online office, LinkedIn allows employees of a company to contribute to its page; which means more exposure and publicity. Employees can also respond directly to queries by prospects on its pages and share useful updates as well.

Widen your professional network

With LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless. It allows you to connect with people you would never have met physically. Several CEOs of multinationals and widely acclaimed business gurus have made LinkedIn their comfort zones.

LinkedIn is not limited by location. It reaches across countries and continents, such that you can be in Nigeria and connect with someone halfway across the world, and even transact business with foreigners.

In conclusion, these are a few of many reasons why you should be on LinkedIn, whether you are a job seeker, a hirer or just a business person interested in widening your professional network.

Source: The Punch

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