The Sweet Perspectives

We came, out of nothing..simply dust..breathed into and made flesh.
We had..simply nothing..but figs and leaves, a garden of everlasting splendour and a father who we could call our own.
We turned away..accepting the fruit of life and death..cutting down our lives resources..preparing the way for life’s unjust..giving the devil a smirk of his hideousness…Now we bare the pain of our own mistakes….
Heaven please!!

We laboured in pain..bore in pain..deep set with our legs buried in dirt. At times we go the wrong way to get what we want..other times we turn to The one who would help us through..and yet..
The angel in disguise..whose heart is as dark as coal but portraying light would entice us..giving us pleasures in vanity divine…we sink unknown to our very death…we know…we know the way to the light..yet..and yet..we sunk deep into the night…its claws festering on our flesh..tearing us apart and…

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