Sometimes, we get stuck in the wrong relationships, not because we are not smart to know what is best for us, not because we don’t know how to move on, but because we keep holding on, hoping somehow, somewhere, someday, the asshole we are stuck with, given our all and treated like a goddamn royal will change for the better and realize we are amazing peoples.

Guess what? That aint gonna happen. You see, according to my ever growing dictionary of the types of people there are, a man or a woman who acts like an asshole on purpose and makes you cry more often than he/she makes you cry is never gon love you or be good for you. NEVER.

People like these would only stay with you because they know no matter their bullshit, you will keep taking them back. But the truth is you deserve better than this and there is no reason you should be stuck with these kinda people.

So my darlings, if your man or woman falls into any of the categories I am about to list, drive him/her to third mainland bridge, kick him/her out of your car and dump them into the lagoon. Okay, maybe that is too wicked, but at least tie them up before driving them there and leave them naked with no hope of getting home.

-The Partner who has no respect for family. You see my people, even if your parents have no self respect, even if they go out of their way to make a fool of themselves in public and have lots of videos to show for this, your partner has no reason whatsoever in heaven and on earth to disrespect them.

A man or woman who has respect for your parents or siblings deserves the treatment I mentioned above. Lets call it the Tomi Treatment for the purpose of this article.

-The Partner who is such a douche on social media. Especially Twitter which is made up of so many young clueless people and who half of them have no bearing. If you have a boo who fights on there constantly, please knock him or her on the head before applying the Tomi Treatment.

-The Partner who doesn’t exactly respect you. That one who would never take you into consideration or doesn’t give a rat’s ass that his/her friends don’t respect you needs to go, like now.

-He or she that never tells you he or she loves you. Don’t stay with this one for any reason, he or she either needs to feel it and say it or he or she has to get lost forever.

-The Partner who doesn’t care about meeting your friends and whenever he or she does, becomes highly hostile or worse, flirts with them. If there is anyone who needs to be kicked to the curb it is this person.

-The one who cheats. This one is the only one on this list I don’t have to explain why he needs to be kicked to the curb, beaten, picked up and given the Tomi Treatment. You deserve better than a whoring spouse.

Source: 360nobs


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