Benefits of using Airtel Unlimited Plan
1. Access To Blackberry Protect
2. Register nothing less than 10 emails. This is just somehow equivalent to Mtn BIS plan that you can register up to 10 emails on that same unlimited plan.

3. When you subscribe, you get the next month subscription free. Which in other words means that can subscribe with 1,500 this month and get free subscription for next month. Am sure Mtn don’t do that except for automatic blackberry renewal which is not up to a month.

4. It can browse on every device including Java phones.

5. The speed is super high where there is 3.G services

How Can I Get 4Gb on Airtel Unlimited Plan
1. Load your phone with #1,500

2. Dial 440*161# for 4Gb
For 2Gb, dial *440*16#

To use it on Android, iPhone, PC
3. Immediately you will receive a message telling you that the airtel unlimited plan is active that you should remove your battery and put it in again for it to be active. In most cases, It won’t just browse except you top it up with 10mb by dialing *440*712*11#

4. Configure your apn to or Password and username: internet

5. Connect and keep Browsing.


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